Are marquees suitable for winter events?

Decked out appropriately marquees make ideal venues for weddings, corporate functions and birthday parties. Heaters can ensure a warm cozy venue so you can still capture the beauty and convenience of a marquee event in winter.

Are they warm enough or do we need heaters?

In the winter months heaters are usually necessary. The decision can be made in the week leading up to your party when you have seen the weather forecast, but remember, it’s always due to availability.

How long is your marquee hire period?

For weekend events, the marquee is yours for both Saturday and Sunday. During the week, the duration of marquee hire is by arrangement.

Can marquees be opened in warm weather?

Yes. The walls of our marquees can be very easily opened up or removed. We can demonstrate how to do this when the marquee is erected so the decision can be left until the day.

What is the difference between lined and unlined marquees?

Lined marquees are more luxurious and are used more for weddings. With unlined marquees the marquee structure is fully visible, making them more suitable for functions or casual events.

When will you erect and dismantle my marquee?

For weekend events we erect marquees on the Thursday or Friday before the event, and we dismantle them on the following Monday or Tuesday. If you have a special requirement, please let us know and we will try our best to help you.

Can the marquee be connected to a building?

Yes, our marquees can serve as an extension to a building if the space is suitable.

Could a marquee damage cables and pipes running underneath the site?

If cable or pipe work is near the surface damage is possible. So please advise us if any water mains or electrical cables are close or in the immediate area.

How long before my party do I need to book?

To avoid disappointment we suggest you book your equipment as soon as you know what you would like.

I have noticed that there are no marquee prices on your website. Why is this?

With marquees we need to discuss your requirements so we can determine what size marquee will be best suited to the function. A quote can then be organized. We are also able to do an obligation free site inspection if necessary.

Do you deliver?

Yes however additional fees and charges may apply.

Do I have to return all goods washed and clean?

Yes, everything must be returned clean or a cleaning fee will be charged.Β