Bouncy Castles

Hire a bouncy castle at your next party for guaranteed fun, all the best events have them!

Imagine turning up at a party to see one of our huge themed bouncy castles just waiting for kids to let loose and jump around in. We assure you, the kids and their parents will be impressed.

At Geraldton Party Hire, our service includes delivery, set up, pack up and cleaning – leaving you to relax while your guests jump for joy.

We have 6 different themed bouncy castles, so you never have to worry about your child missing out on their favourite cartoon or hero. From our Tiki Falls Slip and Slide, to Justice League through to our Disney Princesses bouncy castle, we have a theme that will delight every child.

We know from experience there is nothing better than seeing huge smiles on the faces of children at a party. Not only will the kids enjoy bouncing around inside their very own bouncy castle with their friends, you can be sure they will also be getting worn out!

Think bouncy castles are only for children’s parties? Here are some different events that we know benefit from having a bouncy castle as entertainment!

Private Events

Any sort of private event such as family gatherings, children’s playdates, birthday parties, any kind of reunion, weddings, and holiday parties. Imagine going down the slip and slide with your mum and dad – we can’t think of a better way to create a special bonding moment!

School Events

There’s something exciting about doing something different at school, and there’s nothing more different than jumping around a bouncy castle with all your mates! Why not hire a bouncy castle at your next open day, festival, fundraiser, fete or even end of year graduation celebration? We are always happy to provide quotes to ensure your next school event stands out!

Local Events

A sausage sizzle is all well and good, but having a bouncy castle at your next fundraiser, festival, open day, or sports event will really punch up the fun factor, making it more memorable among a sea of similar events. 

Government Events

Want public festivities to really stand out? Hire a bouncy castle! Imagine having a bouncy castle at the next local festival, Christmas celebrations and WA Day Celebrations… the list just keeps going on! Guaranteed to be fun and a great way of getting the community together, there’s no end to the joys a bouncy castle will bring.

Business Events

What better way to bring a team together than to have them go down a slip and slide together? Trust falls? Do it down the slip and slide! Imagine having a business event, open day or team building event with your crew bouncing and jumping around! Bouncy castles can do the trick for adults as well.

Make your event, family gathering or end of year festivity simply unforgettable! Call us on (08) 9923 9255 or email for more information or to book a bouncy castle!

Bouncy Castles

Tiki Falls (Water Slide & Splash)
9m x 4m x 6m

Slip & slide fun in the sun with our Tiki Falls water slide and splash pool!

Guaranteed to provide your child with lots of slippin’ and slidin’ fun, this will also ensure your kids keep cool on those hot summer days.

This castle is available for 3 hour home hire. Price includes delivery, set up and pack up.

Rock n Roll Bouncy Castle
6m x 5m x 4m

Get your groove on with our most popular castle for the older kids!

Take your bouncy castle experience to a new level, grab a giant dumb-bell and challenge your friends to an epic showdown. 

This castle is available for hire at home, oval or the park. Prices include delivery, set up and pack up.

Pirates of the Caribbean
5m x 5m x 4m

Ahoy mateys! Jump aboard the Pirates of the Caribbean bouncy castle for hours of jolly fun.

Who doesn’t love pirates? Let your kid pretend to be a dashing swashbuckler at their next party, in fact, make it a theme party!

This castle can be hired for home, oval or the park. Prices include delivery, set up and pack up.

Justice League Bouncy Castle
6m x 6m x 5m

Our Justice League bouncy castle is perfect for your little superhero!

Is your kid Superman, Batman or Wonder Woman? It doesn’t matter, they can be their favourite superhero on their special day!

This castle can be hired for fun at home, an oval or a park. Price includes delivery, set up and pack up.

Disney Princess Bouncy Castle
4m x 4m x 4m

Make your little princess’ dream come true with the Disney Princess bouncy castle.

What does every princess need? That’s right, they need their own castle. Bouncy Castle that is. Complete with turrets, the Disney Princess Bouncy Castle will give every little princess a taste of royalty.

This castle can be hired for home, an oval or the park. Prices include delivery, set up and pack up.

Frozen Bouncy Castle
6m x 6m x 5m

How cool is our Frozen bouncy castle?! So cool, it’s practically … Frozen.

Let your little Elsa or Anna run free in their very own Frozen bouncy castle at your next event, it will also delight any Olaf or reindeer lovers! Why? Because the cold never bothered us anyway.

This castle can be hired for home, an oval or the park. Prices include delivery, set up and pack up.